EDI  Mapping  Managed  Service

Managing EDI In-house Can Be a Drain on Resources

e-Commerce is the proven way to grow your business but utilizing in-house expertise for EDI integration and management can be an expensive and ineffective allocation of resources. The service reduces the need for investment into new technology and infrastructure as well as additional resources to manage EDI processes daily.

The solution for data translation service, mapping and production support

We’ve been doing this for nearly two decades — our extensive experience in helping healthcare suppliers process supply chain transactions means that you gain access to more than just the technical needs for EDI mapping and infrastructure. So, you can move faster when challenged with an ERP consolidation, new implementations or you just want to enable more strategic use of your in-house resources. Our established expertise accelerates the process and allows you to focus on your core business.

Reduce your overhead and focus on new growth areas with access to established expertise for managing your EDI infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

  • Server hosting and infrastructure monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring and error management
  • Software upgrades and data backups
  • Ongoing mapping maintenance and edits
EDI Mapping Managed Service

EDI Mapping Managed Service

Having an easy and effective way of transacting business with your trading partners is critical to future growth — don’t let resources stand in the way of a robust e-commerce strategy. Quickly build your e-commerce business with custom EDI mapping and expert management of your day-to-day needs for connectivity and monitoring.