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Challenges We Solve for Providers

How many times do you “touch” an order before it is fulfilled by a supplier?
Are you constantly identifying and fixing errors on purchase orders (PO), or worse having to address costly invoice exceptions when your data doesn't match that of your supplier? What if you could achieve the perfect order where a PO is processed electronically — from order to payment — without human intervention?
Do you know if you are paying the correct price at the time of purchase?
You spend so much time and effort negotiating contract terms with your suppliers – but are you losing out on thousands of dollars in savings? Is the rework required to fix pricing errors a major burden on you and your team? Find out how you can significantly reduce contract pricing errors during the transaction process.
Think you may be leaving something on the table even with your existing payment processing program?
You probably are. Find out how a complimentary solution can close the gap.
Is dirty data in your item master causing transactional errors, major rework and added costs?
Are you finding it impossible to manually keep up with constant product and pricing changes? You are not alone – data management in healthcare is a major headache. Learn how to make your item master the center of your universe with enriched and validated data.
Do you truly have visibility into your supply spend?
Knowing where you spend your organization’s dollars – which suppliers and which products – is critical to achieving cost savings. Or are manual processes and bad data obstructing your view? See how to gain visibility and take control by automating your procure-to-pay processes through a single connection.
Do you know which of your suppliers fall into the “business associate” category?
Do you have signed business associate agreements, or at the very least, evidence that you have attempted to secure a signed BAA? OCR audits are happening right now and you need to be able to provide this information when the auditors request it.

Challenges We Solve for Suppliers

Do your customers think you are “easy to do business with”?
Or are your customers struggling to get the products they need from you, when they need them, because of discrepancies in the order-to-cash process? Today providers are increasingly focused on value. Be that supplier that can deliver it efficiently and with fewer errors.
Do you have a way to know that your pricing with your customers is up to date and accurate?
A single contract pricing error can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. And if you uncover an issue, does the time, effort and labor it takes to resolve it outweigh the financial benefits? Find out how you can automate the process of managing contract price negotiations and reduce discrepancies for significant cost and time savings.
Are your negotiated contract terms for rebates and early-pay discounts actually met?
Even though you negotiate contract terms, do you have any real leverage over whether they meet those terms? Find out how you can align provider behavior with your desired needs through payment automation.
Shouldn't you derive business value from your UDI implementation investment?
Find out how a broader master data management strategy allows you to both comply with the FDA’s UDI rule and reduce operating costs throughout the supply chain.
Need to up your game with go-to-market strategies?
Gain access to accurate and timely market intelligence data and reports that allow you to assess the competitive landscape, evaluate your market performance, drive sales strategies, and strategically position your products and sales resources for success.
Does credentialing feel like a barrier between you and your customers?
Have your sales reps missed out on customer meetings because they didn’t meet all of the providers’ requirements? Missed opportunities equal missed sales. Learn how to expedite the credentialing process.

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer

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