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Invoice & Payment Automation

Paper invoice distribution, interchange fees and lack of predictability in payment challenge operational and financial goals. GHX’s invoice and payment solution goes after these problems head-on with streamlined processing, optimized card interchange rates with “least-cost-routing” and best value payment options that improve revenue cycle and customer relationships.   

More control, more choices and more predictability

It’s obvious. The more quickly invoices are delivered and customer inquiries are resolved — the faster you get paid. Get there by providing multiple invoice delivery and payment options to speed revenue cycle time while also positioning you as a preferred supplier. Deliver invoices electronically through an online portal to reduce the time and labor required with faxed, mailed and emailed invoices — and the follow up needed on lost invoices. Extend the efficiency by automating payment through a single streamlined interface, utilizing one standard EDI 820 custom format for all customers, and backed by the largest dedicated healthcare network for one-to-many payment efficiencies.

GHX helps you:

  • Streamline invoice and payment processing for a more holistic approach to supply chain
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) to an average 15 days
  • Save time and labor costs on invoice and payment processing
  • Accelerate available cash by reducing lag-time in receivables
  • Reduce interchange costs
  • Expedite reconciliation with remittance information provided for every transaction

Take control with an invoice and payment processing solution that addresses your need to reduce costs and optimize business processes, and makes you easy to do business with.

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Invoice & Payment Automation