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Business Performance Solution

Cut costs while growing your business

Business transformation goes way beyond solving a specific problem in a single department. To truly transform your order-to-cash function, you need a solution that optimizes your people, processes and technology. Enter GHX Business Performance Solution, a comprehensive solution that helps you cut costs while growing your business and improving the customer experience.

A complete order-to-cash solution

The Business Performance Solution combines GHX products and services to help deliver: streamlined order processing and invoice management; access to more accurate, up-to-date product and pricing information; visibility into market trends; and intelligence to mitigate risk while planning new investments and growth strategies. We can help you improve margins and reduce costs while focusing on your core competency—delivering great products and exceptional service to your customers. 


  • Send and receive orders electronically
  • Quickly identify and resolve discrepancies
  • Increase the number of your electronic trading partners
  • Leverage more up-to-date, accurate product information
  • Improve ability to comply with contract pricing
  • Help eliminate inaccurate purchase orders and disputed invoices


  • Conversion of fax orders to electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Online reporting tool that provides access to purchase orders and acknowledgements
  • Supplier-owned and verified data synchronization platform
  • Easy registration for boarding new trading partners
  • Collaborative contract and price implementation process
  • Automatic discrepancy notification 
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Business Performance Solution