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Supply Chain Optimization

If you want to transform business processes, GHX supply chain optimization is the answer. This solution delivers contract management tools;continual data cleansing and conditioning;automated procurement and invoicing;visibility into spend;and expertise and analytics to help you drive costs out of your supply chain and improve margins.

Optimize your people, process and technology

Nowadays, it’s not enough to cut costs. In the face of rising expenses and shrinking reimbursements, you need to cut costs and improve operational performance. A quick fix isn’t going to get you there.

Turn to GHX to help you align systems and processes so you can thrive in this do-more-with-less environment. GHX offers comprehensive solutions for optimizing your people, processes and technology throughout the supply chain function. We help you improve margins and reduce costs while focusing on your core competency—delivering exceptional patient care.

Delivering real value to customers

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) cut costs and improved operational performance, achieving a $14 million annual savings goal in its first year operating with GHX. How can we help you?

Working with GHX as our consulting, technology and business partner, we now conduct business in a fundamentally different way. This project has helped HHC take a very significant step forward in helping to ensure that we can serve the residents of New York City both today and in the future.
—Joseph Quinones, Vice President of Contracting and Supply Chain, New York City HHC
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Supply Chain Optimization