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Invoice & Payment Automation

A combined focus on invoice and payment processing can help transform your business. Speeding invoice cycle times with streamlined accounts payable (AP) processes presents more opportunities for rebates and early-pay discounts -- couple the efficiency gained in invoicing with GHX’s payment processing -- and you have a powerful solution to drive your strategic financial and operational goals.  

Speed processes, reduce costs and access more rebates and early-pay discounts

With GHX's invoice and payment solution, you can automate AP with sophisticated business rules to easily track, route and approve invoices, gain greater visibility, and an audit trail of edits and approvals. Extend efficiency further in payment processes with automated reconciliation, controlled payment flow and with payments consolidated in a single electronic file. The synergy gained from increased efficiency in both invoicing and payment maximize your opportunity for rebates and early-pay discounts helping to improve cash management. 

GHX helps you:

  • Reduce overall payment costs and improve cash management
  • Move toward paperless processing for fewer exceptions
  • Speed workflow and cycle times
  • Leverage pre-established discount terms from participating vendors, no need to negotiate or wait for savings
  • Work with existing banking partners or GHX’s multi-bank network

The GHX invoice and payment automation solution helps to reduce costs, provides financial improvement opportunities and enhances trading partner relationships with a seamless process from invoice to payment backed by the largest dedicated healthcare payment network.

Delivering real value to customers

We helped Saratoga Health automate its PO-based invoices and reduce its exception rate from 15–20 percent to zero. How can we help you?

I don’t have paperwork sitting on my desk. I have all the visibility I need through my computer. I no longer have to work exceptions; the buyers can handle them. And we’ve reduced our exception rate on the back end in our MMIS from 15-20 percent to zero. All exceptions are handled in OnDemand AP.
—Becki LaGrange, Systems Analyst, Materials Management, Saratoga Hospital
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Invoice & Payment Automation

GHX helps you automate the invoicing process so you can deliver up to 100 percent of your invoices electronically.