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Provider Intelligence

Greater visibility.
Informed decisions.
Bottom-line savings.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Knowing where you can improve efficiencies is key to cutting supply chain costs. With Provider Intelligence, you get the insight into operational and financial performance you need to focus efforts on increasing utilization and lowering costs. You can determine your most efficient suppliers, reduce exceptions and help increase contract utilization for bottom-line savings.

Prioritize your supply chain efforts and initiatives

Provider Intelligence is a cloud-based application that measures and tracks supply chain metrics, providing you with greater visibility into operational and financial performance. It uses interactive graphs and charting tools to visually represent key performance indicators (KPIs), helping enable you to better prioritize supply chain efforts and initiatives. Leverage this information to set performance goals and assess where efforts are being wasted or money is being lost.


  • Enhance visibility into supply chain performance
  • More easily detect performance trends
  • Better prioritize supply chain efforts and initiatives
  • Set goals and track progress toward them
  • Identify trading partner exceptions and off-contract spend


  • Visibility into operational and financial metrics
  • Customer-defined KPIs
  • Interactive graphs and charting tools
  • My Exchange, a common platform where more than 4,000 providers interact
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