GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

Excellence in UDI & Standards - Supplier

This new award is presented to the supplier that has best led efforts to incorporate global data standards and unique device identifiers not only internally, but also in a manner that helps providers do so as well. 


  • Use of UDI compliance consulting services and/or Health ConneXion™

Criteria considered

Note: Nominees are not required to meet all these criteria, nor are they limited to these. This criteria defines the range of accomplishment considered for this award. 

  • Efforts to use GTINs and/or GLNs in return documents (855, 856 and 810)
  • Compliance with the UDI rule that demonstrates consideration for how providers (customers) will use UDIs and data provided to the Global UDI Database (GUDID)
  • Publication of data to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  • Collaboration/communication with providers on how to maximize the value of the UDI rule

Nominations should include supporting documentation whenever possible. 

2017 Winner: Smith & Nephew

  • Smith & Nephew enacted a strategic plan to extend their global data synchronization initiative to go beyond simply sharing product data with customers but to begin using the data in new and creative ways.

  • They implemented a three-part master data management (MDM) system, established a data governance model across their entire organization and published product data to multiple target markets across the globe.

  • In addition, they are engaging Voice of Customer discussions to uncover areas where GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) data can be used in ‘out of the box’ applications such as bedside scanning, patient safety, price synchronization, exception rate management, order process maximization and GS1 Global Location Number (GLN) synchronization.

  • Smith & Nephew has published over 50K and synchronized over 20K GTINs across multi-national markets around the world.
2017 - Smith & Nephew
2017 Winner -
Smith & Nephew
2016 - Excellence in UDI & Standards - Supplier
2016 Winner -
DeRoyal Industries