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Sales Data Analytics

GHX provides you with visibility into your position in the market. We leverage one of the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence databases to deliver insight into trends and accurate market information. Using third-party data that represents approximately 80 percent of all distributed U.S. healthcare sales, we give you the knowledge you need to implement successful product plans and gain market share.

Know where you stand in the market

Sometimes it might feel like your market strategy is being driven by best guesses. Thinking that your tracheal tubes may have met unit and dollar performance in the Northeast or that your vessel sealing device probably outperformed the competition last quarter just isn't good enough.

If you don’t have a clear picture of what happens to your products after they leave your warehouse, you’re going to struggle to grow revenue. You need to understand market conditions, trends and company performance so you can create strategies based on data, not best guesses. Turn to GHX for the more comprehensive, accurate market information you need to make critical business decisions.

GHX helps you tackle:

  • Limited visibility into your revenue growth path: Identify areas to proactively focus strategic corporate initiatives and obtain greater insights into the medical-surgical marketplace.
  • Lack of competitive intelligence: Access more comprehensive, accurate market information to help you make critical business decisions and understand market dynamics driven by competitive pressures, new product introductions and customer buying habits.

Delivering real value to customers

We helped SCA move from being a company that relied on gut feelings to one that uses accurate, reliable and detailed data on which to base its growth strategy. How can we help you?

The benefits [of GHX Market Intelligence] are enormous. The data shows us how we fit into the market, where we want to be and where we need to go from a pricing and product line-up standpoint. Understanding your position in the marketplace is essential to any organization in order to grow.
—Dan Lafferty, Market Research and Business Intelligence Manager, SCA
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Sales Data Analytics