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Implantable Device Supply Chain

To tackle the challenge of implantable device management, GHX worked with providers and suppliers on a solution that would help the industry increase revenue capture and lower supply chain costs. The result is an end-to-end implantable device supply chain (IDSC) solution for both parties designed to help reclaim an estimated $5 billion in annual losses in this market segment. It extends the capabilities of many of our existing, proven solutions, which means current GHX customers are already on the path to IDSC savings.

Little visibility, lost revenue

Implantable devices are typically on consignment at a hospital or stored in a sales rep’s trunk, making it easy to overstock or let products expire. For suppliers, lack of visibility into inventory and case schedules makes it a real challenge to get the right product to the OR or cath lab. And once you’re there, the manual processes for logging and reconciling usage lead to increased DSOs, discrepancies and customer dissatisfaction.

Increase revenue capture and lower supply chain costs

With the GHX IDSC solution, nurses, materials managers and supplier sales reps can collaborate on case scheduling and prep, leverage automated processes for recording product usage, and send orders and invoices electronically. The GHX IDSC solution automates the majority of steps involved in managing implantables, significantly improving efficiencies and increasing accuracy for improved cycle times and customer service.

A Costly Problem for Suppliers

Current ProcessConsequences
"Just in case" inventory
  • Up to 60% excess inventory
  • 7-10% expiration
Complex & manual processes
  • 25-50% excess labor
Transaction inaccuracies
  • 12% discrepant
  • 0.5-1% uncollectible
  • 30% higher DSO

GHX delivers

  • Automated order efficiencies
  • Demand, inventory visibility, efficiency
  • Improved DSO, cash collection
  • Improve scorecard and reporting
  • Staff productivity
  • Right-size inventory
  • Reduction in lost, wasted and expired products
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Implantable Device Supply Chain