Speed Revenue and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Finally, you can offer a choice in payment processing to customers that drives toward your financial goals and that makes you easy to do business with. Interchange fees are reduced through GHX ePay’s unique technology delivering optimized card interchange rates while aligning your customer’s payment behavior to your needs. It takes just days for implementation and requires only the exchange of banking account information where payments will be routed. With an average days sales outstanding (DSO) of 15 or less, impact on your revenue cycle can be seen quickly. Take control and gain predictability in your payment process to reduce costs and accelerate cash.

“Those hospital customers that have automated payments through the GHX ePay solution view us as a supplier that is easy to do business with. Our team finds it very easy to use. 


It is far easier to train staff on the ePay solution because it is automated, versus training for credit card acceptance, which is largely manual.”


— Susan Fletcher, Accounting Supervisor


Features & Benefits

  • Streamline your payment process by consolidating multiple payments into a single electronic file
  • Reduce interchange costs through "least cost routing" when accepting card payment
  • Accelerate availability of cash by reducing lag-time in receivables
  • Shift personnel to more value-added work
  • Reconcile with an efficient closed-loop process for electronic remittance payment
  • Improve and accelerate the collections process

Product Information

ePay for suppliers


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