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Supplier Products

Are you doing everything you can to streamline your order processing, control costs and better serve your customers? GHX offers a wide range of products that can help.

You receive orders in many different ways. We help consolidate your order channels through automated order processing—the lowest cost way for you to receive orders because it’s touchless. We deliver access to advantaged data, helping you gain visibility to customer and market trends. And we provide the intelligence to mitigate risk as you plan new investments and growth strategies.

AllSource ®
Healthcare manufacturers use this online repository to easily publish and maintain product data, helping all parties in the supply chain increase the accuracy of sourcing, contracting and ordering healthcare supplies. The AllSource repository currently includes information on more than two million products, covering over 150 product attributes.
Business Performance Solution
The comprehensive Business Performance Solution, for GHX Exchange-connected supplier organizations, is a complete order-to-cash solution that combines GHX products and services, helping to deliver streamlined order processing and invoice management; access to more accurate, up-to-date product and pricing information; visibility into market trends; and intelligence.
Collaboration Portal
Collaboration Portal automates the complex workflow of contract negotiations, communications and execution. All parties of a contract — manufacturer, distributor, provider and GPO — collaboratively use this central, neutral application throughout the entire contract and price implementation process.
eInvoicing is an electronic invoice delivery solution that helps supplier organizations automate the accounts receivable invoicing process with customers who don’t have EDI capabilities. Tracking tools provide greater visibility and additional services are available for proof-of-delivery, invoice disposition and invoice images.
ePay is an automated payment exchange solution delivering operational efficiencies, accelerated cash availability and financial incentives that help to align your customers' payment behavior to your needs. ePay speeds the revenue cycle with efficient business processes and predictable days sales outstanding (DSO) averaging 15 or less.
Exchange Services
Exchange Services (a.k.a. GHX Exchange) gives a supplier organization a single electronic data interchange (EDI) connection to 4,000+ healthcare providers, automating the ordering process, providing real-time online access to view and manage orders, and improve access to customers.
G-Fax ®
G-Fax is a fax conversion service that delivers customer-faxed purchase orders directly into a supplier organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and automating the order.
Health ConneXion
Health ConneXion, the only healthcare-focused data pool certified by the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), can be leveraged in conjunction with or without the GHX Exchange to cost-effectively accelerate a supplier organization’s adoption and use of GS1 standards.
Market Intelligence
The Market Intelligence web-based portal from GHX provides supplier organizations with comprehensive market data for direct and distributed sales models. Data is aggregated from multiple sources and accessed via a single data analytics user interface helping you identify opportunities, measure market share and evaluate sales force performance.
Mergers & Acquisitions Solution
Get the expertise you need to help achieve operational efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and expand market share with our Mergers & Acquisitions Solution.
Order Intelligence
Order Intelligence, using the GHX AllSource® content repository and pre-established correction rules, automatically fixes incorrect product data in purchase orders (POs) that flow through the GHX Exchange — correcting errors before the PO reaches the supplier organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
Outsourced Credentialing
Outsourced Credentialing is a consulting service that transfers the management of a supplier organization’s credentialing requirements to a third-party, leaving credentialing know-how and staffing to the experts.
Single Channel 845
Single Channel 845 streamlines and automates the process whereby supplier and distributor organizations send and receive contract price change notifications, helping to keep the frequent and large volume of price changes aligned and up-to-date.
TradingNet is a solution for supplier organizations who want to shift the management of its electronic data interchange (EDI) infrastructure to GHX supply chain experts, and consolidate all of its electronic ordering channels into one. This solution reduces the organization’s need for technology know-how and overhead, and offers complete GHX Exchange connection services.
UDI Data Submission Service
The UDI Data Submission service, in partnership with PTC, helps supplier organizations meet UDI requirements and allows for the submission of product data to the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) through a single pathway designed to accommodate future data submission needs.
Vendormate Credentialing
Vendormate Credentialing is a solution used by supplier organizations and its representatives to become credentialed, and meet compliance requirements for participating hospitals in order to gain access at provider facilities. Advanced offering includes MyCredential Manager, a dashboard and reporting tool for managing rep credentials, and Document Repository, an online storage repository to monitor, manage and track compliance documents for reps.
WebConnect gives supplier organizations an online tool their customers, who don’t have EDI capabilities, a way to transact electronically — benefiting both organizations by increasing automation without requiring the customer invest in an EDI infrastructure.
WebDirect2 offers small- to medium-sized supplier organizations, who don’t have EDI capabilities, an easy-to-use web portal where they can receive, view and respond to electronic purchase orders from their customers.
Supplier Products
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Supplier Products