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GHX can help you identify the trading partners and vendors in your network that have not been credentialed — meaning they may not be meeting your vendor policies and requirements. Our credentialing and vendor management solutions give you the tools to get them registered and credentialed. The GHX Credentialed Exchange is a concept that combines our Exchange solutions with our vendor management solutions to help you balance efficiency and compliance in a way that meets your constantly changing, industry-driven needs.

By combining your supply chain and compliance functions, you can drive higher adoption of your hospital’s policies and requirements and gain greater insight into your vendors, while improving patient safety and strengthening your organization’s compliance profile.

GHX helps you combine the electronic exchange and credentialing for increased compliance

The trading partners you engage with through the GHX Global Exchange likely represent your highest volume and most active vendors. Credentialing them increases your visibility into how well they comply with your policies. Ultimately, this visibility positions you to better meet the accreditation and regulatory requirements applicable to your organization.

The GHX Credentialed Exchange helps you:

  • Target key vendors for credentialing: Identify non-credentialed trading partners who are already part of your automated supply chain transactions — or under evaluation for future business.
  • Know your business partners: Truly know who your business partners are and which ones operate within your facilities, increasing your ability to meet accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Increase vendor accountability: Improve vendor accountability related to patient safety, infection control, privacy and more.
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