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Summit20 Talk - An Information-Based Culture? Examining Data Driven Strategy
Explore a traditional vs. progressive mindset to market intelligence in the U.S. healthcare market, focusing on the power of establishing a culture that inherently expects and relies on data to drive strategic decision making from the analyst level to the C-suite. Market highlights from GHX’s Market Intelligence business will be presented along with best practice utilization of market intelligence data specific to both the acute and alternative site markets for distributed medical-surgical and clinical laboratory products and supplies.
Uncovering Your Blind Spots with Business Intelligence
Many of our organizations have blind spot’s that we simply can’t see without looking at the data. There are opportunities for cost-savings and operational efficiencies that are left uncovered. During this session we will use data and drill into GHX best practices to tackle the challenges both providers and suppliers encounter, while identifying relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to supply chain efficiencies.
Market Intelligence demo
Market Intelligence Direct Data is captured through the GHX network of hospitals that provide Purchase Order history transaction data, representing full hospital spend. This demonstration shows how the Market Intelligence analytics solution allows users to create dashboards, custom reports and data extract.
GHX Market Intelligence Webinar: Three strategies to improve sales using the new analytics solution
This webinar includes a demonstration of the new GHX Market Intelligence analytics solution for healthcare suppliers. This analytics solution provides a data-driven solution that helps quickly and accurately identify market trends, insights and opportunities to effectively implement strategies. The second part of the webinar discusses industry observations and best practices for sales leadership.
Ten Traits of the Best Supply Chains
How does a healthcare organization identify and integrate a supply chain best practice? Drawing on evidence from extended research into what supply chain leaders are doing globally, this session looks at specific ways to enhance healthcare supply chain efforts, including how four premises must be understood and applied in a focused environment based on mutually desired end results.
C.R. Bard Doubles Productivity by Leveraging e-Commerce Tools
By partnering with GHX to drive improved utilization within its customer base, C.R. Bard processes more high-quality, accurate electronic orders, reducing resources required to manually correct errors downstream.
CASE STUDY: The Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform
Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer
CASE STUDY: The Total Economic Impact™ of the GHX Platform for a Manufacturer
Using results from a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Forrester Consulting reports findings after examining the potential return on investment a healthcare supplier may realize by deploying the GHX Exchange, and related products and services, to automate the order-to-cash cycle. Read the final Forrester report here.

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