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Purchased Services Analytics & GHX: A New Frontier with Valify


You’re on a mission to find savings and we’re here to help. GHX helps drive down costs in healthcare through the supply chain by providing better visibility to improve spend management, operational performance and cash flow. Through supply chain automation, timely order management and visibility into purchasing processes, hospitals can make smarter, better and faster decisions that impact their bottom line.

Now GHX has teamed up with Valify to offer an analytics application and consulting services focused specifically on purchased services. Purchased services account for nearly 41 percent of annual spend and most providers have limited visibility into this data. With Valify, you get the same kind of visibility and management over purchased services spend that NuVia gives you over med-surg spend. Even more, Valify reveals savings opportunities in less than a week. In purchased services alone, savings of up to 25 percent of total spend can be identified and achieved through Valify’s analytics tool.

Chris Heckler, CEO of Valify, Rammi Gill, GHX Corporate Development, and Paul Frank, GHX Product Management, discuss the benefits and features of this analytics application.

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