PEPPOL Access Point compliance date

for acute NHS Trusts to be connected to the PEPPOL network.

Track and report your way towards NHS eProcurement Strategy compliance.

Use GHX Provider Intelligence dashboard to measure the adoption of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and the use of PEPPOL standard messaging, through GHX Exchange Services. Our intuitive  dashboard allows you to see this data in simple and customisable formats. This empowers you to drive compliance across your supply chain, benchmark yourself against your peers and report to senior management and the board.

Benefits to hospitals and GPOs


By accessing Provider Intelligence you will have ready visibility of the degree to which your hospital is complying with national standards (based on the traffic through GHX Exchange). You will be able to see how you are performing versus other hospital trusts. Additionally, track the quality of your orders, such as those enriched with unit prices, contract references and product codes, driving towards an ever more efficient procurement function. 

Business intelligence at your fingertips


How it works


Provider Intelligence gives members of the GHX community visibility into their order traffic, analysing purchase order information to measure compliance with standards. You can personalise the dashboard with the data that is important to you and look at industry averages across the GHX network. Log in using a web-enabled device for immediate access to up to date information, including dedicated pages for GTIN and GLN adoption.

Implementing Business Intelligence


A dedicated GHX project manager will get you set up and provide you with log in details. They will show you your dashboard, make sense of the metrics available to you, and train users of the system.



Working with GHX, Leeds is streamlining processes and reducing waste while enhancing patient care. Together we are deploying solutions for data and contract management and the adoption of GS1 standards.

Future-proofed healthcare compliance


We help our customers to navigate the complex regulatory environment in healthcare. We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory requirements across Europe and we continually work to future-proof our technology and processes.  

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