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e-Commerce Acceleration

Save on supply spend and reduce labor

To make your investment in e-commerce worthwhile, you need to reach the volume of transactions required to truly realize the benefits you expect—and need. Start seeing the results you’re looking for with GHX e-Commerce Acceleration Services. We’ll help you send up to 90 percent of your transaction volume through GHX in as little as 90 days for significant cost and labor savings.

e-Commerce Acceleration Services help you:

  • Maximize the number of trading partners
  • Optimize your contract compliance
  • Automate price file integration
  • Align and maximize your resources

Drive greater savings with more electronic transactions

Building on your existing electronic data interchange (EDI) connectivity, e-Commerce Acceleration Services increase traffic with not only GHX suppliers, but non-GHX suppliers as well. With more trading partners, you’ll be able to increase electronic transactions and drive greater savings. Plus, we’ll implement contract price validation and integrate your vendors’up-to-date contract pricing with your materials management information systems (MMIS) to help improve accuracy throughout the order-to-invoice process.

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e-Commerce Acceleration